Sunday, May 27, 2007


Of course, this is not the same bugger from the pic below. But it does represent who is growing and changing on my little heaping, helping of country life. And how alive it is.

I have had soul soothing field trips almost everyday. My inner-child hasn't stayed buried, she has grabbed my hand and is delightedly pointing out the amazing micro-world going on around me in the prairie grasses. The neighbors have grown-or at least look the other direction-used to seeing the large, strange woman doing her best impression of an ostrich. Head down, peeking through tri-focals to examine the flora/fauna on the up-close-and-personal level. And since my knees are blown from arthritis, I bend over at the waist...uh, and that means the bum goes up. Sorry for that visual. Hey, it has gotten smaller, though. I've lost twenty more pounds since January 1st. This is the main reason for my discovering I have a Butterfly Factory in my yard (and attached to my house) this year: I feel better.

I saw the "J" shaped Monarch caterpillar change into a chrysalis in just 24 hours. Such a fast transition. It went from stripey-undulation to an ethereal (this word), almost other-worldly shape. It really reminded me of a Fairy lantern, as it seemed to have a luminescent quality about it.

I brought the chrysalis in because I saw tiny flies on it, already trying to bore into it and lay their eggs. I figured it couldn't be in any more danger inside. I was careful, this time, not to touch it. I learned humans can transfer a bacteria that will kill the developing butterfly. So, with a little time, maybe I will have a Monarch to show you. I know I could fill this blog with Fritillary butterfly pictures, as there are, at last count, eight chrysalises hanging from the siding of my house. I told you, The Butterfly Factory is in peak production right now. I just hope we don't cause a monsoon down in Central America with all these new flutterings.