Thursday, November 23, 2006

Full of Thanks

Just wanted to wish all my friends, family and readers a wonderful, blessed Thanksgiving. I pray your day is filled family, food and good times. May Abba Father give His blessing to all you do, and keep you and yours safe. Love in Jesus name, to all who stop by here. And of course, the Furkids say "Gobble".

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Everyone Loves Fresh Sheets

Gosh, do ya think it's a hit with the locals? The fresh sheep sheet set (say that 3X's real fast) lies beneath a cover. It's so hard to wash a king-sized bedspread, every week, in a normal washer, that I keep an old sheet over the whole bed. With 12 puppy paws that come in slightly damp and sometimes leave prints, the sheet helps keep my washing down.

I switched to flannel sheets today. I do so love to put on a set of sheets that have been residing in the linen closet for a time. The scent is so comforting. I just feel well looked after for some reason- all snuggled safe. Somewhere from childhood, I suppose. (And I smile.)

The green spread is Gunther's nest, which is occupied by Hannah at present. I keep the winter nighttime temperature at 63ยบ and short-haired puppers doth protest. It's too confining to put their coats on at night for sleeping. So I cover Gunther and Hannah with the spread before getting into bed. And during the night, as I'm a very light sleeper, I re-cover them should they need it. Ahem...just who trained who?

Fluttered By

This bush was all aflutter this afternoon. It's the last wildflower left on my land. A very busy hub at Insect International Airport. Honeybees, wasps, several types of butterflies- all were landing and departing with great precision. The air traffic controller was doing a fine job on this sunny day.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Surprise In The Sky

Strange things are happin' here in the country. Large mushroom shapes rising, ethereally, out of the treeline in the early morning glory.

I just wanted a cup of motivating java. But it was jolt of "What the..." that got me moving, instead. Looking out the kitchen window was a bit different from the norm. I hadn't even put on my glasses, and I had no trouble spotting the "what's wrong with this picture?" scenario. I ran (yes, actually) to get my robe, glasses, Birkenstocks, and camera. Thankfully, all in one room. In just the seconds it took to get these items, the balloon had risen high in the crisp, clear Autumn sky. The heating system blasts could be heard going off, adding height at a breath-taking rate. I don't know if they had had trouble and needed to land, or if they launched from the parking lot ½-mile up the road. Either way, it was quite a sight to behold. And off they flew into the wild, bluest-of-blue yonder.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

A Time To Remember

I thought this a serious enough topic, that it should be on both my blogs. November 9, 2006 is the 68th Anniversary of Kristallnacht (The Night of Broken Glass). Please see my blog entry from It's Wooly Me for the full post on this topic. Please pass on a hug to those you love. And pass on kindness and compassion to others- always.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

I Forgot

I forgot to mention the change in the "comment" area. It now reads "L'Chaim! Notes". I thought I should tell people what that means, lest someone think it's some weird cult thingy. No, it just means "to life" in Hebrew. It's a declaration (a toast) of joy and blessing of the message you leave for me. I thought it appropriate for this blog because I whisk about in the "bowl of life". I also use it as a stamp on some of my pottery. L'Chaim, ya'll.

Say It With Pics- Worth 1000 Words Each

I have had domestic chores and haven't had a chance to post a wordy entry. I thought I could substitute a few pics that would show a glimpse into my furry world. I have come to love my digital camera. So easy to use. It's been cool here in Texas and short-haired puppers become 'chilidogs'. Instead of mustard or onions, I just add a second coat. Gunther is an 8 year old red Doberman (his ears are natural). Doing his best impression of 'Sherlock Bones'. He has had his forever home with me since he was 7 months old. His brother, Zackary, was rescued at the same time and lives in Austin with Karol, my friend of 35 years.
Hannah Ruth is stylin'. She is a 4 year old Rotti-cross rescued off the streets at 7 months old. Since it was a crazy Irish lady that adopted her, she has a very Irish birthday-March 17.
Dueling tummies, with Barucha and Hannah trying to 'out cute' each other. All my puppers know the phrase, "Show me the tummy!" or "Where's your tummy?". Yes, I'm the Mommie, but they still do have a high C.Q. (Cute Quotient).
Enoki and Finch enjoy Kitty TV. One day it was a riveting drama: a true claw-biter. It starred a free-spirited plastic grocery bag pirouetting about in the yard. Four stars and four-paws-up rating.
Fresh. Fresh. Fresh. I must have it fresh. Enoki mews and purrs in her personal attendant's face while they sleep. Upon stumbling from bed, said attendant turns on the faucet. Voila! Liquid purrfection.