Wednesday, August 15, 2007

BVD Post

As in 'brief'. Just wanted to check in, as I know there are several sweet people who do read this blog and care enough to wonder where Shaungrl is. All family and friends (4-legs or 2-legs) are fine and healthy. I am trying to get ready for a large pottery sale come September. The maid, gardener, and cook have all refused to come to work. Therefore, it falls to me to attend to these common, far beneath me, domestic chores. One simply cannot find reliable help these days... ;)

I have, ahem, purchased a Mac-mini. It is still in its very little box. Apparently the CD burner on my old PC has never worked, and I can't save my pics or docs to a CD. Leave it to this wonder kid to, yet again, purchase a product (Plextor) that has bad reviews by other consumers. It has a flaw that makes it NOT recognize a blank CD ready for burning. And since the warranty has long expired and I am about to switch to a Mac- no way am I going to buy another burner.

Having said that- the good news is that Apple stores will transfer data from PC tower to Mac-mini in their store. ( and there was much rejoicing) I am taking tower and list of items in need of transfer to the Southlake store today.

Oh. I also have a "whooping" good secret to share...later. To all who stop by by: blessings from the Father. Take good care in the heat and stay hydrated. Texas finally got to Summer with +100ยบ. I know other places have been there for months. Be careful. Talk with you on the other side of the computer change-out. I hope I will be happy to say I'm a 'switcher'. TTFN