Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The 3 Stages of Puppy Love

Stage 1. Brand-spanking new baby, tag still attached.
Stage 2. Baby shows a wee bit of wear- I mean love.
Stage 3. Oh baby. Loved to pieces- literally. And next:

Barucha, the culprit *lover* with her sweet baby-face. Pure contentment.


vickie said...

I do so love the pet pics--this one's a cutie; (of course, the baby ones are cute, too) but I really love the pet ones!

Shaun said...

Hi Vickie,
Her bedtime routine is to grab the 'baby', climb onto my tummy while I'm lying in bed and then she makes "puppy bread". That's what I call kneading, like cats do to your lap(kitty bread), well, Barucha does it while she holds her baby. She doesn't actually nurse on the stuffed baby, but I'm sure the kneading is what tiny pups do to get the milk to flow from the 'first' mommie. It's too cute. If I'm reading a while, she actually goes to sleep draped across my hips and tummy. It's comforting to me, as well. Sweet puppers.

vickie said...

Well that is really sweet. I remember when we first brought our dog home from the human society. It was not my intention to let him get in the habbit of getting on the bed or furniture but when I woke up after the first night, I found him curled up right in the crook behind my knees as I layed on my side. I didn't have the heart after that; I knew it would be an excersize in futility.

Anonymous said...

I have had the priviledge of seeing the puppy love in action ~ very sweetie!! Although the pictures of the well loved baby are better-it's looks more real in person... :)

lou (the neice)

Shabby in the City said...

This is so hilarious!!!