Sunday, August 20, 2006

Still trying to find my blog legs

While I'm still a newbie and considering my options regarding blogging, these missives will seem a bit fuddled. Do I write for myself or for an audience? If just for me, recipes, products and any minutiae details regarding lifewhisks would be already known to me, the author. Well then, I must consider penning for an audience and it's a given that I already write for "the Audience of One", to quote from author Randy Alcorn. Abba Father is always the first to read my heart's blog, even before pen is put to paper (or fingers to keyboard). So with that having been said: come with me or dismiss me. But with or without an entourage, I am going to continue to whisk my life into being.


vickie said...

Oh, right on! I'm looking forward to it!

Shaun said...

Well, it seems I am asured of more than the Audience of One.