Sunday, August 20, 2006

Two for one Sunday Edition

Furkids 101 was to be the class today. But... Wonder of wonders, last night I actually found myself somewhere besides work, WalMart or a gas station. I had the priviledge of attending a party to celebrate the 70th birthday for Patsy- a dear, talented Art instructor. She has been my Pottery teacher at Northlake College on Saturday mornings for several years. Her Monday thru Friday gig is at Booker T. Washington where she teaches Sculpture.

I had never been to her house and was in reverent awe as I entered the door. A state that enveloped me for the entire evening- I thought I had been transported to public art gallery not listed in the points-of-interest-guide. Everywhere one looked there was art. Beautiful flowing fibers, glass/metal sculptures, signed editions of 2-D, pottery and even the walls of the bathroom were art. She had designed the wallpaper for one bath and made the sink for the other. She has traveled extensively and has brought home treasures besides the perfunctory photos. Gathered about her that evening were the products of her life's work- people. Those who were touched by her journey through the multi-medium canvas that her life has been. Well done, Patsy. It is an honor to know you and to have been your student.

Tomorrow I will post the yummy Sage Pepito Pesto recipe that I took to the gala.


vickie said...

What an interesting person she sounds to be; I bet that felt like heaven being there. I would have loved it!

Shaun said...

She is an absolute delight. I will visit class in Oct. sometime.