Sunday, November 19, 2006

Everyone Loves Fresh Sheets

Gosh, do ya think it's a hit with the locals? The fresh sheep sheet set (say that 3X's real fast) lies beneath a cover. It's so hard to wash a king-sized bedspread, every week, in a normal washer, that I keep an old sheet over the whole bed. With 12 puppy paws that come in slightly damp and sometimes leave prints, the sheet helps keep my washing down.

I switched to flannel sheets today. I do so love to put on a set of sheets that have been residing in the linen closet for a time. The scent is so comforting. I just feel well looked after for some reason- all snuggled safe. Somewhere from childhood, I suppose. (And I smile.)

The green spread is Gunther's nest, which is occupied by Hannah at present. I keep the winter nighttime temperature at 63ยบ and short-haired puppers doth protest. It's too confining to put their coats on at night for sleeping. So I cover Gunther and Hannah with the spread before getting into bed. And during the night, as I'm a very light sleeper, I re-cover them should they need it. Ahem...just who trained who?


vickie said...

Ahhh, the scent of clean sheets--it is SO nice. Love the photo of your precious pets. They are gorgeous. Dontcha just love pets! I know I do.

Anonymous said...

I saw the pic on icanhascheezburger and followed your link here. My dog looks exactly like Hannah but instead of Rotti-X we were told Black & Tan Coonhound-X. Here are some pics of our dog:

She's our only pet, for 3 1/2 years now & I'm still not sure how she feels about cats. Always barking like crazy at them from our backyard but ignores them while out on a walk. For safety's sake we'll stick to playing with doggy friends.