Sunday, February 18, 2007

The Haul

I confessed in the entry "S-h-o-p-p-i-n-g" that I was a calendar junkie. I thought the 'after' pic might be helpful in showing my obsession. I went on an 8 hour shopping safari the day after Christmas. Whoa Moma! Barnes and Noble, Borders and Half Price Books were all whirled through.

I located calendars, books and a DVD. The movie is "Showtime" with Robert DeNiro and Eddie Murphy. It's a formula 'buddy cop' movie, but that is not what draws my interest. It's the hobby of DeNiro's character that got me hooked...pottery. Yep, big, burly cop man does wheelthrown pottery while, at times, watching a 'how-to' demo by British potter,
Robin Hopper.

I managed to find all my favorite must-haves, except for Ziggy. It was available by order only. I wasn't going to pay full price and shipping. There are-ahem-some limits to my addiction. I actually school-girl-squealed over
Erika Oller's page-a-day offering. I have a mug by her that I dearly love. I know, I know. What's a potter doin' buying mugs, instead of makin' 'em?

So, I'm flipping my way through 2007, and it's always real page-turner year thanks to my calendar obsession.

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