Monday, September 17, 2007

Ceramic Cuties

This is Cat's Plate and is named after my great-niece, Cathryn. I love calicoes, so I started making these little plates with a bit more color. Each one is food safe- 2-leggers or 4-leggers will be styling when using them.
Got Business? Well then, you need a business card holder.
And if you know your cat breeds?... Scottish Fold here.
White 'kittehs' have a genetic problem if both of their eyes are blue- most likely they are deaf. So I made sure this little fella will be at your beck-and-call. Meow baby!

And kittehs with black spots about their noses are nicknamed "Grouchos" for obvious reasons.

It was a great sale. Please excuse the lack of text entry, I is so tired... It's time to put this little 'ol potter to bed. I guess if I post tiny bits, we may be done with this story by Christmas...2008.


LindaSueBuhl said...

Wonderful wonderful - seeing you back blogging and the results of your "changes" - love the cat pottery and glad that 'Tavish is doing his job so well for you.

Dana said...

Um, my family lerves the you have any doggie ceramics? I love kittehs too...I am not a hater!

Sister Mary Martha said...

Fabulous plates! Happy New Year!

Michael Bennett said...

Hello there! These works are pretty awesome, I'll actually keep an eye on your Etsy store!

Quick question though, and it's sincere, I've read through a few of your recent posts, and your Etsy store and was wondering, why "Abba Father" I've never heard this before, but find it repetitive as Abba = Father so this is like saying Father Father, no?

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