Sunday, September 16, 2007

I 'Runneded' Out of Day

Whew! My "To Do" list- it has me. I had planned to catch up the blog today. A short note, though, to let visitors know 'she lives' is all I have time for. It has been a time of wonders since I last posted. His Wonders. I have so much to tell. Umm, this time that's not a tease. I sold something on Etsy and last weekend's sale was monetarily fabulous.

And speaking of
fabulous, having a Mac is just that. I loves my "Tavish". (as in MacTavish...sorry) The ease of operation amazes me. You must realize, however, that I was not a real techie with a PC. I had no formal training, except at the University of Whoops. So it isn't difficult to get used to another operating system when you really don't have anything to forget. (lol)

Tomorrow. I promise. And with pictures.

1 comment:

Dana said...

Yay!!! She lives!!! Looking forward to hearing from you...(and tell me more about the mac as I am considering the purchase of one!)