Monday, December 04, 2006

Christmas At The City With More Pics (and Pans)

This is another area I decorate- Water Customer Service Counter. I changed the color scheme for this year. And there has already been a query as to why they did not have 'traditional colored' garland this year. The Superintendent of Parks approached me with this very question. I said that there had been many complaints regarding last year's garland and decor. There is not enough counter over-hang to protect the decorations, and it was constantly getting caught on pagers, cellphones, belt buckles and so on. The poinsettias were already a 'non-traditional' hot magenta, so I went with shiny aluminum lime-green garland that would provide the "flash" without too many added-on decorations. I said they should be glad I didn't go with the aluminum hot-pink or orange choices. He just smiled, raised a Spock-like eyebrow, and said "should it be asked again, I will relay this info to the inquisitive person(s)".

There is a laughable inside story to this complaint. The Parks Department provides the funds to buy said decorations and the staff to install it (every year). And it seems the Water Department only needs to supply the complaints. Hope they get used to it, I only change-out counter decor after three years of use.


Tina T-P said...

Hi Shaun - Looks like you've been a busy bee! The "lampshade" cupcakes are so clever - I'll bet they were fun to do, too. Our snow is going, going, almost gone - it was in the upper 40's & low 50's today - that was good. There are still huge drifts left tho - practically an iceberg in our driveway.

Well, I've "miles to go before I sleep", so they say - Christmas presents to order on line. and a few more friends to visit on their blogs.

Take care & blessings of the season to you - Peace! T.

vickie said...

I like your garland colors; very pretty!