Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Many Reasons For Not Mowing

The visual aids have developed and they lend support to the no-mow stance I am taking right now. Brilliant yellow dances about in the sun-warmed wind. These flowers and other varieties are blooming profusely in my front and back yards. I've also noticed the beginnings of milkweed- the preferred menu choice of Monarch caterpillars. Diner's open for business.

Jay is developing nicely. I don't know his time schedule, his assistant has yet to call me with the un-draping itinerary. I'm hoping for a Saturday or Sunday morning, as I will be at home those days. An early morning emergence is the norm, according to the websites. Open. Open. Open.


Shabby in the City said...

I was going to fuss at you for not mowing...then I saw your excuses and thought weeeellll...I guess it is okay to wait :)

Shaun said...

Thank you, mam. Yesterday, neighbors who are selling their house had mowing contractors there. I kept hovering at the window just in case the mower was not sure of the property line. ;) Those yellow pretties have expanded over the whole front of my lot. Five years ago, just a small patch bloomed. I went for a stroll through the yellows and noticed other species not there last year. Not mowing works for me.

willzmom said...

Shabby told me about your blog, so I had to come and see for myself. I wouldn't mow either-if I had such nice flowers. I will check out the rest of your blog.

Shaun said...

Hi there and welcome, willzmom. How kind of Shabby to send you here. I do love readers and love reading other blogs. I've found so many off of Shabby's to peruse- how many hours a day do I get? Can I have more hours, please?

My yard is actually ¾ acre in the country, so I don't irritate the local ordinance ticket-givers. And since my neighbors Christmas lights are still up...well there you go. I did mow the edges and where flowers were sparse. So many butterflies, I must be on the flight course for the bugworld. I love the land that Abba Father has blessed me with. Sigh, what a grand God we serve. Cheers and do stop back. (That dessert looked yummy.)