Saturday, April 28, 2007

Operation: Make a Butterfly- Complete

These pictures bring to a happy ending, the emerging of Jay, a happy, healthy, bouncing fluttering baby boy (girl?). I introduced Jay in the first Operation entry. I did, so, want to see this emerging. I discovered the 102 way to use duct tape with this little guy/gal. And the pic above is just one day before Jay 'hatched' on Sunday the 22nd. His wing lines could be clearly seen through the chrysalis shell.

Just minutes old.
In full 'bloom'. Ain't I purdy?
Jay having his first two o'clock feeding.


ShabbyInTheCity said...

Did it bleed? I don't see how those wings fold up into that little cylinder!

Shaun said...

Hi Shabby,
I think it's like the first birth 'poop' that humanz mom's wait for. Oh Joy! ;) And each time it was secreted, it got lighter and was finally clear. I's not a 'bug-ologist', but apparently it's normal.