Sunday, September 24, 2006

And With No Repeats

With The Hummingbird Channel gone for the season, I'm glad The Sunset Channel is still on the air. And no technical difficulties, ever. Awesome...thank you, Abba.


vickie said...

This is a lovely photo. Does it portray your neck of the woods, so to speak?

Shaun said...

Yes, that is the view from my front porch. My house is what is known as a "side-loader" meaning the front door is on the side. I chose the lot because of what side the house would face to the west. The house next door resold and the first thing in was a huge shed, where? right in my view of the sunsets. Oh well, it's their land and I see most of the channel's programming in the clear.

vickie said...

Wow, like some folks up here that buy houses in the burbs, only to have their views ruined by a Wal-Mart going in! Bet you still have the lovelier spot!