Monday, September 04, 2006

Up on the Rooftop- Drip, Drip, Drip

Oh my... is that rain?! My back deck has a metal roof and the sound now emanating from it, is ambrosial. Liquid manna from the Father's hand. My area of rural Denton county is down 34" of rain for the last 20 months. The "Goodnight-Loving Trail", a.k.a. my backyard, will become gooey toe-sucking mud. With three large dogs, one of them being an XL at 85 lbs., all of them have been taught the request- "show me your toes". Toes are then presented so I, The Mommie, can clean all the nooks and crannies of 12 pads and 48 toes. Old T-shirts and towels are always at the ready. With no grass in the dog area (a 365 ft. linear fence-line) because of the drought, it should be a toe-showing Autumn and Winter. But as I cerebally wander through my B.C. (before country) apartment life, I shudder and ecstatically proclaim "Let the MudFest begin!".


vidkie said...

Do you ever do arrowhead hunting at your place? I understand Texas is a good place. I used to, in southern Missouri, after the farmers plowed and they would let us come to surface-hunting. I have found some awesome artifacts, things that were used for survival but to me are incredibly beautifully-worked pieces of art. I have them in my display box. Some are broken pieces, some nearly perfect. They make me appreciate what native peoples lives were like, stretching clear back to the first who came to our continent, and how they survived.
Many people in southern Mo. where I hunted, have collections, but were very generous in letting me go through their fields. It was very spiritual, meditative, sometimes scary because of snakes and tarantulas, but they all have their place in the scheme of things, too, and you have to take that into consideration when you hunt.

Shaun said...

No arrowheads, but my nephew is s-u-r-e that all those rocks are dinosaur bones. I did actually find a whole nautilis, though.

vickie said...

Wow, that's pretty cool finding a nautilis, and I had to go on the Internet to see what that was! I have collected fossils since I was small. My dad grew up in West Virginia so finding fossils in coal as a kid got me interested.